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  In 1998, he came to Dongguan from Taiwan and devoted himself to machinery manufacturing. The first heart is like the old, the stability is like nirvana, and the heart is strong.
  Dongguan TANZ Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan, the "world factory". Our company is committed to research and development, manufacturing and sales of plastic molding auxiliary equipment, providing a complete
set of automatic batching, mixing and homogenization, central feeding system solutions. The company has many years of industry manufacturing experience, high-tech talents, innovation, strong technical force, superb technology,
won the trust of our customers!
  In the face of increasingly competitive market and production costs, with automation and industrial big data, the company established its branch, Dongguan taiwenli Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., in 18 years. Professional
commitment to plant system solutions, so that customers worry, clean, efficient. Industry 4.0, make everything
  The company strives for survival with quality, development with brand, and provides customers with high-quality and reliable products and services with efficient and flexible production management mode and pragmatic working
  The company's main business: plastic machinery and equipment; mixing equipment; crushing equipment; freezing and temperature control equipment; feeding and conveying equipment; constant temperature drying
equipment and engineering design plan; central feeding system solution; freezing and constant temperature
engineering solution; plastic factory system production solution.
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