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Taichang machinery plastic machineryExtraordinary way

Your intimate plastic machinery service provider

Have perfect production equipment

The company has 3000 square meters of workshop and various manufacturing equipment, with strong non-standard design, manufacturing and service capabilities, complete production and testing equipment, stable and reliable product quality

Strictly control the quality of accessories

The accessories are directly supplied by the manufacturers who have cooperated for many years. We control the quality of accessories from the source, and guarantee the quality of accessories for the whole factory

Professional production and strict quality control

With professional talents, strict management and exquisite technology, the production equipment must be inspected and tested by the quality inspection department in the factory. Only after passing the inspection can the next process and factory be transferred

Sufficient stock and quick delivery

With the rapid productivity to promote the processing and manufacturing more precise, fast, efficient, manufacturing system more flexible, agile, intelligent, so as to ensure that the product delivery cycle is short

Efficient after sales service

Free of charge to provide solutions and technical support, 5S service policy, so that you have no worries. Super long warranty, lifetime service. Set up after-sales service hotline: 0769-86869048, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to respond in a timely manner and solve any problems of users at any time.

See more+Large shredderCrushing series
  • Air-cooled chiller
  • Silent Plastic Crusher
  • Vertical particle mixer
  • Screw feeder
  • Double shaft shredder
  • Water-cooled chiller
  • Horizontal ribbon mixer
  • Small vertical color mixing machine
  • Vertical particle mixer

Choose Taichang machineryThree reasons

In order to build the whole plant plastic auxiliary machinery

生产优势 Over 20 years experience in plastic auxiliary machine industry

◇ Many years of experience in plastic auxiliary machinery, with 3000 square meters of workshop and manufacturing equipment, with production, management, technical personnel and other strong non-standard design

◇ Manufacturing capacity, can provide customers with labor-saving and money-saving services

品质优势 Carefully crafted to carry out quality and quality to the end

◇ Parts batch cutting, one-time forming, overall workmanship, good performance, using national standard A3 carbon steel

◇ Made of stainless steel and other environmental protection materials; the motor adopts new type of motor; makes a solid foundation for the production workshop

价格优势 Excellent service VIP level experience

◇ Products from the production, technology, quality inspection, procurement, sales to customer service department, each department is equipped with professional personnel to accept product personality

◇ Follow up service before, during and after sales, solve problems for customers in time, and respond quickly within 7 * 24 hours

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One stop customization

Seven steps seven layer quality inspection factory qualified rate > 99.8%
Plot design Preparation of materials Cut materials according to the drawing Workshop manufacturing Spray painting Mechanical production inspection Equipment training
National hotline0769-86869048 / 180-4695-2058
EnteringTaizhang machineryA professional plastic peripheral auxiliary equipment buyer
Dongguan TANZ Machinery Co., Ltd.
Auxiliary purchasing service provider for plastics around the whole plant

In 1998, he came to Dongguan from Taiwan and devoted himself to machinery manufacturing. The first heart is like the old, the stability is like nirvana, and the heart is strong...

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A professional plastic peripheral auxiliary equipment procurement service provider

Many years of industry experience can be customized non-standard productsMany years of industry experience can be customized non-standard products

Professional team, brand guarantee Non standard customization, professional and efficient