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What is the difference between vertical mixer and horizontal mixer!

Different appearance: the mixing barrel of horizontal mixer is horizontal, while that of vertical mixer is vertical.
Working principle of horizontal mixer: the horizontal cylinder is equipped with double axis rotating reverse paddle. The paddle turns the material along the axial and radial direction at a certain angle to make the material quickly and evenly mixed. The performance characteristics of the horizontal mixer are that the rotation speed of the shaft driven by the reducer and the structure of the paddle will weaken the gravity of the material. With the lack of gravity, there are differences in particle size and specific gravity of each material The difference is ignored in the mixing process.
The working principle of the vertical mixer is as follows: the raw materials are lifted from the bottom of the barrel from the center to the top by the rapid rotation of the screw, and then the raw materials are scattered in the umbrella shape and returned to the bottom. In this way, the raw materials are stirred up and down in the barrel, and a large amount of raw materials can be evenly mixed in a short time.
The uniformity is different: the uniformity of horizontal mixer can reach more than 99% and the heating is uniform, and the uniformity of vertical mixer is generally about 90%.
Different mixing blades: the mixing blades of horizontal mixer are spiral belt type, 360 degree double S-shaped spiral belt, high uniformity; there is only one spiral shaft in the middle of vertical mixer with animal material mixing.
The above is the difference between horizontal mixer and vertical mixer! According to their own raw material production requirements to choose!
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