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Main classification of mixers

The purpose of cement concrete mixer is to mix cement concrete mechanically. There are many kinds of cement concrete mixer. The classification methods and characteristics are as follows.
(1) according to the operation mode, it can be divided into circulation operation type and continuous operation type.
The three processes of feeding, mixing and discharging are carried out periodically according to a certain time interval, that is, mixing by parts.
Due to the mixing of various materials are accurately weighed, so the mixing quality is good. This type of operation is mostly used.
The above three processes of continuous operation are carried out continuously in a long cylinder. Although its productivity is higher than that of circulation operation, the mixing quality is poor due to the difficulty in controlling the mixture ratio and mixing time of each material. Less used.
(2) according to the mixing mode, it can be divided into two types: self falling mixing and forced mixing.
Self falling mixer is to put the mixture in a rotating mixing drum. With the rotation of the mixing drum, the blades in the drum lift the mixture to a certain height, and then freely scatter it by its own weight. Do this again and again until well mixed. This kind of mixer usually mixes plastic and semi plastic concrete.
Forced mixer is the mixing drum does not move, but by the drum rotating shaft evenly placed on the blade forced mixing. This kind of mixer has good mixing quality and high production efficiency, but the power consumption is large and the blade wear is fast. It is generally suitable for mixing dry hard concrete.
(3) according to the device mode, it can be divided into fixed type and mobile type.
Fixed mixer is installed on the basis of pre prepared, the whole machine can not move. It has large volume and high production efficiency. It is mostly used in mixing plant or mixing station.
Mobile mixer itself has wheels, and small size, light weight, so good mobility. It is applied to small and medium-sized temporary works.
(4) discharging mode can be divided into tilting type and non tipping type.
In the tilting type, the mixing drum is used to dump the material, while the non tilting type is used to dump the material by reversing the drum. (6) according to the mixing capacity, it can be divided into large (discharge capacity of 1000 ~ 3000l), medium (discharge capacity of 300 ~ 500L) and small (discharge capacity of 50 ~ 250L).
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