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Daily use, precautions and maintenance of crusher

1、 Precautions of crusher
Iron removal is an important measure to ensure the safe operation of crushing equipment. Especially for the spring cone crusher is more important. Although the spring type cone crusher is equipped with a spring safety device in its structure, it is small inside the ore discharge port and is often stuck by a large metal, resulting in equipment accidents and production stoppage. At present, the commonly used iron removal equipment in production includes suspension magnet, electromagnetic drum and metal detector
Many concentrators have realized the automation of iron removal. Crusher in the daily use process, need to carry out routine maintenance, but also need to pay attention to reasonable use, so as to avoid damage to the machine. Daily maintenance of crusher:
1. Before starting the test run, it is necessary to strictly check whether the installation of each part of the machine meets the requirements, whether the screws and bolts are loose, and whether there is any shell collision phenomenon by pulling the belt gently by hand. At the same time, check the rotation direction, and do not crush inflammable and explosive materials to avoid accidents.
2. During the production, the material should be cut evenly to ensure the crushing quality and normal production of the crusher. At the same time, overload of the motor is strictly prohibited to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
3. In addition to frequently checking the fastening looseness of each part, it is also necessary to check the wear of vulnerable parts. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced in time,
To avoid damage to main components.
4. Regularly check the wear of the crusher's toothed plate. If the wear is serious, replace the toothed plate in time, so as to avoid particle size loss.
5. Due to the high speed of crusher, in addition to the correct and firm installation, good lubrication should be maintained to maintain the normal operation of the machine. Generally, it is normal that the bearing temperature does not exceed 70 ℃. Add grease and molybdenum disulfide once a week to the bearing of main engine, and the effect of high-speed grease is better.
2、 Use and maintenance of crusher
1. No matter how the material is supplied to the crusher in any way, a reliable rust removal device must be provided to prevent other miscellaneous matters from entering the crusher.
2. The crusher must be started without load, and the retained materials in the crusher must be checked and removed before starting.
3. Check the oil level in the main and auxiliary transmission gearbox to ensure sufficient oil supply.
4. If the crusher is out of service for a long time or is started for the first time, the large pulley should be turned manually for 2-3 weeks in advance to confirm that the machine can run freely, and then the motor can be "jogged" several times. When the motor rotation direction is correct, the crusher can be officially started.
5. Start the crusher to reach the normal speed and start feeding without abnormal conditions.
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