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What is the function of liner in crusher? Let Taizhang make up for you!

For the crusher, the crushing process is completed by the joint action of internal components. There are many kinds of crusher accessories, which need to be paid attention to. However, not all parts are involved in the crushing process. Some parts are related to the crushing of materials, some parts play the role of protecting equipment, while others play a fixed role. These different parts work together to ensure the safe production process of the equipment. The lining plate is one of the parts of the machine. Many lining plates of the crusher are made of high manganese steel. I will introduce them to you!
The crusher liner is installed inside the crusher shell, which will have a gap with the main parts of the crusher. During the operation of the crusher, in fact, when crushing materials, the hammer head and the liner will receive impact and extrusion, so that the materials can be broken. The lining lining is prominent in the crusher because the equipment belongs to consumptive equipment, that is, when working, with the extension of working time, the internal parts gradually wear out. When the wear reaches a certain degree, the equipment can no longer work smoothly, and the lining plate can play a protective role in the internal equipment to reduce the wear or damage of some parts in the crusher, This can reduce the impact on the efficiency of the equipment and reduce the cost of parts maintenance
The lining plate can improve the efficiency and productivity of crusher, because there are sawtooth on the lining plate. When crushing materials, the sawtooth can effectively crush the material, and the effect is very obvious. However, this effect will cause friction between the saw tooth and the material, which makes the saw tooth gradually wear and lose its function. Therefore, better steel plate can be used to process the lining, In order to improve its own hardness and wear resistance. This is also very helpful to improve the labor intensity and production capacity of the equipment
The above mainly introduces the role of crusher liner in crushing production, from which we can see that the liner is a very important part of the equipment
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