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The difference between electric disperser and other blenders!

Compared with other mixers, the electric disperser has the advantages of short mixing time, wide adaptability, no damage to the mixing materials, easy cleaning and cleaning, etc., and it has good adaptability to the mixing of coarse and fine materials. The electric disperser can produce cross convection, mixing, diffusion and other complex movements in the body without destroying the agitator, so that the materials can achieve the ideal mixing effect in a short time.
When the electric disperser is working and stirring, the materials in the machine are subjected to the action of two rotors in opposite directions, and the pulp leaves and animal materials rotate anticlockwise along the inner wall of the machine slot. On the one hand, the animal feed is turned left and right. In this area, the material can float up in an instant regardless of the shape, size and density of the materials This makes the material rotate continuously in all directions and cross shear each other, so as to achieve the effect of fast, soft and even mixing
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