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Usage and precautions of plastic granule mixer

At present, the business has spread all over the country. Recently, due to the shortage of raw materials for meltblown cloth, many purchasers have purchased it. In order to make the purchasers operate more safely, Taizhang hereby issues how to use our plastic granule drying mixer, and also understands the precautions of this equipment!
The usage of plastic granule mixer in Dongguan Taizhang company:
1. Before using the plastic drying mixer, it is necessary to conduct a test run without air. Before the test, the firmness of all connections of the chemical raw material mixer, the moisture content in the reducer and the integrity of the electrical equipment should be checked first. Then, the main switch should be closed and the power supply should be connected to carry out the idle test.
2. In operation, if it is necessary to scrape the materials on the tank wall of the plastic drying mixer, bamboo tools should be used and hands should not be used to avoid hand injury.
3. If abnormal vibration or abnormal noise is found in the use of plastic drying mixer, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection.
The above is a brief summary of Dongguan Taizhang company on the use of plastic mixer and operation precautions, if you feel that these introductions are not particularly detailed, if you want to know more about the plastic granule mixer friends can contact us. Tell us what you want to know, you will tell us all!
Precautions for plastic granule mixer of Dongguan Taizhang Co., Ltd
1. The use load of plastic drying mixer should not be too large. It is generally measured by the load of the motor. The heavy load current of 380V motor during mixing should not exceed 6 amperes. If the load is exceeded, the mixing capacity should be reduced immediately.
2. Test the air dryer of plastic mixer item by item. It can be put into production only when there is no abnormal noise, high heat of bearing gear and temperature rise of reducer.
3. The shaft seals at both ends of the mixing paddle of the plastic drying mixer should be kept clean to avoid blackening and deterioration of materials. Square holes should be left on the outer end of the mixing tank, which should be unobstructed. It should not be blocked to prevent the dirt from penetrating into the shaft center and blackening and deterioration of the materials in the tank.
4. Management personnel must be familiar with the technical performance, internal structure and control structure of plastic drying mixer. It is not allowed to leave the working place during the operation to prevent the machine parts from being damaged due to failure, so as to ensure safe production.
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